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    Definition of Computer

    Computer is a electronic device which performs millions of operations in  few seconds. It makes human efforts simple. It performs both arithmetical as well as logical calculations. When user input data through keyboard and gives instruction to perform operations, then computer takes information  and perform operations and gives result on output screen and also store result in the memory .

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    Computer system

    The word computer comes from the word compute which means to calculate.

    Full Form of Computer

    The word Computer stand for:-

    C: Completely
    O: Obedient
    M: Machine
    P: Provide
    U: User
    T: Type
    E: Everything
    R: Right

    A computer can not only store data but also retrieve data means that take out data from its memory. Thus it is general term that refers to an electronic data processing machine used for a wide range of activities.

    Functions of Computer

    • Input Function: It is the way of feeding data and instruction or command by the user.
    • Storage Function: It is the way of saving data and instructions to the memory of computer to make them readily available for initial or additional processing as and when required.
    • Processing Function: It means that computer performs arithmetic operations like add, subtract, multiply, divide, etc as well as logical operations like comparison (equal to, less than, greater than etc) on operands to change them into useful information is known as processing.
    • Output Function: It is the process of producing result according to the question given by the user and that result is displayed on monitor screen.
    • Control Function: This function is used by computer system for controlling all the hardware and software environment of the computer system.

    Advantages of Computer
    • High speed: Calculations of computer is very fast . It performs millions of operation in few second . The computer is not only a calculating device anymore, with the use of its speed it perform multiple operations, complex numerical problem within fraction of second. 
    • Accuracy: Calculations of computer is fast as well as error free. It performs millions of operation without any error. It never mistake by itself.
    • Storage capability: It is the main features of computer system. It can store large amount of data or information such as file, audio, documents, video etc. It save data permanently as well as temporary.
    • Versatile: It is a versatile machine. It is very flexible in performing the jobs to be done.
    • Reliability: It is a reliable machine because it has modern electronic circuits having long lives. 

    Disadvantages of Computer

    • Dependency: Computer is fully user dependent machine. It cannot perform any operations without user instruction.
    • No feeling: It has no feeling or emotions. It cannot make any judgement or calculation by itself. It has no IQ like human.
    • Bad effect on environment: It's waste product is very harmful to environment. The used computer should be donated. It's waste product produce harmful chemicals which pollute our environment.
    • Viruses: Viruses are computer program. Which are designed to harm the computer, steal confidential data like passwords, pins, and other important data. Hackers use this program to crack down our system and get unauthorized access of data.
    • Expensive: It is little bit expensive to establish a computer setup.

    Application of Computer

    • It is used in offices, schools, colleges, for managing the databases of students, employees etc.
    • It is used in online examination, which is known as computer based examination (CBT).
    • It is used in banks for managing multiple accounts of bank's customer.
    • It is used in weather forecasting for analyzing the weather condition.
    • It is also used for billing of customers in shops,malls etc.


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