What is internet and internet search engines?



It is a super network. Each network consist of millions of computers, servers, routers  etc. Which links many different types of computer all over the world. It is a network of networks sharing a common mechanism for identifying computers and a common set of communication protocols for communications between two computers on the network. It is publicly accessible network of interconnected computer networks that transmit data using standard protocol (TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol). It continues to grow at rapid pace.

Internet/Internet technology/Internet world
Internet Technology

It provides four basic services to its users are 'Electronic mail', 'File Transfer Protocol', 'Telnet' and 'Usenet news'.

Internet/Internet search engine


  • It is a super network means that it connect internet devices through all around world.

  • We can share our important information like files, mails, voice, and images using it and also it is cheap sharing of information.

  • It enables two or more internet user for real time video conferencing, chat etc.

  • It is the method used for the advertisement or promoting purposes whether advertisement is related to any business or any other thing.

  • It is a powerful tools for us, using it we get updated every time like we can watch news by surfing on it.

  • It is also a big platform of entertainment, using it in mobiles, laptops etc, it makes us able to watch videos etc.

  • We can connect  with whole world and share our ideas by posting videos or blogs. 


An Internet Search Engines is an application which helps user to locate websites containing useful information and references to such information on the www (World Wide Web). To search information on the www, a user types the description of the information using the user interface of the search engine . The search  engine searches the results of  the requested information on the WWW and returns the result to the user. 

Internet search engines/Internet
Search Engines


  • It is only the platform to know anything, means that we arrange multiple information about particular things.

  • The main benefits of search engines are we get any information at any time. We get updated our-self always by using these types of platform. 

  • This platform allows anyone for information to choose the types of resources what they like to use and gain greater understanding of a subject .

  • It gives most of the information correct.

  • We can able see news, blogs, technology information etc. These types of information  available on our finger tips. 


    • There is too many rumors about anything is also available on these type of platform. 

    • We have to get only those information which really good or meaningful.

    • Do not trust on fake news, firstly we have to collect information about those  things and then consider and reached  to its final  result.

    • We can get bundle of information but such information like adult things, which is not good to children.

    • Rumor  spreads like these platform very fast. 

    Some popular search engines are:-

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