What is flowchart and Explain its different symbol?


In this page you will learn about What is Flowchart and its different symbol used in computer programming. After reading this page you will able to define flowchart and its different symbol with example.

    flowchart in C

    A flowchart is a symbolic or diagrammatic representation of an algorithms of a programs. It represents the process which is done in programs through the help of different symbols. It uses simple geometric shapes to represent processes and arrows to show relationship between geometric shapes. It is used in analyzing, designing, or managing a programs. It is a step by step approach to solving a program.

    Different types symbol used in flowchart are given below:

    • Process box
    • Input/Output box
    • Decision box
    • Connectors
    • Terminal
    • Flow-lines

    Explaining each symbol with the help of its pictures:

    Process Box

    Process box is used to indicate any type of internal operation inside the processor.

    symbol of process box in flowchart
    Process box

    Input/output Box

    Input/Output box is used to indicate the input/output operation inside the computer. It means that computer takes data and process it and gives result as output.

    symbol of input-output box in flowchart
    Input/Output box

    Decision Box

    Decision box is used for checking  condition or making decision  in the program that can be answered in binary format True or False.

    symbol of decision box in flowchart
    Decision box


    Connectors are used to connects two or more flowchart which are on the same page without intersecting lines or without reverse flow.

    symbol of connectors in flowchart


    Terminals are indicates starting or ending of the programs.

    symbol of terminal in flowchart


    Flow-lines are shows the direction of flow in program. 

    symbol of flow-lines in flowchart

    Example of Flowchart :

    symbol of flowchart used in data flow diagram
    Data Flow Diagram


    In this article, we have thoroughly read about Flowchart with brief description of each symbol used in Flowchart. Types of symbol used in Flowchart are:

    • Process Box
    • Input/Output Box
    • Decision Box
    • Connectors
    • Terminal
    • Flow-lines

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